Hope! Because sometimes we need some help.

Hope! Because sometimes we need some help.

Wake Robin Botanicals & Dandelioness Herbals have been working hard to collect some videos of inspiration & laughter. It took many grueling hours to vet all the videos that came our way! :) May this help with some giggles, hope & inspiration when you may be feeling overwhelmed or sad. Enjoy!

Geese on Parade

Foxes on Trampoline


Bird Cap Sledding

The Cat & the Mailman

Squirrel Adopted by Cat

Penguin Sympathy Solidarity

Patty Cake

Guinea Pig Interview

Toddler Experiences Rain for the First Time

Cats Stealing Dog Beds

Because Sometimes Life is a Balancing Act

Mama Cat Snuggles Kitten


hugging carrots


  1. Ivan
    March 14, 2014

    So cute, idk which is my favorite. Bird bottle cap or duck parade?

  2. Hugh
    March 14, 2014

    I was just outside in the below freezing temps cursing up a storm because my van wouldn’t start and I was sliding around on the ice on my hands and knees connecting a battery charger. Came inside and found this email, had a good chuckle, and I feel much better. Thanks Atalanta.


    • atalanta
      March 14, 2014

      You’re welcome!!! Spring is almost here. xoxo


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