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Located in a wooded hollow of the Berkshires, Wake Robin Botanicals is a small herbal apothecary & farm, where we make delicately handcrafted herbals. All ingredients are consciously grown and harvested, with the slightest touch of magic of these mountains.

Wake Robin Botanicals is dedicated to community health security and seeks to
provide quality teas & herbal remedies locally. We offer seasonal products through our different Community Supported Herbal (CSH) shares, as well as at local farmer’s markets & events.

Our products are NEVER tested on animals, other than voluntary human friends & family.


About me… Atalanta Sunguroff

I’m the Harvester, Concocter & Peddler of Wake Robin Botanicals. I love going on deep woodland walks to gather pine needles and walking off into the fields in search of wild cranberry. I love waiting for the perfect moment in the season to harvest cottonwood buds, yellow birch twigs or balsam fir pitch. I love learning from the plants themselves and from the people who feel passionate about their own knowledge of plant medicine. I love to fashion that medicine into remedies and to send them out into the world.

I see my work in herbalism as a way to connect our healing with that of the planet. It is a way of gently weaving the threads that have been held for centuries, a beautiful quilt of traditions, culture, community/self care & connection to plants and nature. I see my work as having a deep tie to social justice work and how plant medicine is an integral part of community health security and ecological justice.

As a child I don’t remember being inside much, but always outside playing by the pond and among the pine trees with friends or my brother. I would gather pine resin & cones, chives, violet flowers and other delights I would come across throughout the seasons. We would make wonderful concoctions of pond water and the plants we would find. Being free to explore the woods taught be a lot about my own connection to the land, how animals lived and how the plants grew. It also taught me to have a deep respect for the language of ancient trees.

I struggled with illness and allergies growing up and when I didn’t find the help from the medical care that I sought, I turned to plant medicine. This path eventually led to study how herbalism could be used for healing both mind and body, while creating a closer mutual relationship with the natural world. I view herbalism as a people’s medicine, a knowledge with a deep history and a practice that will be of increasing importance given the issues of modern allopathic medicine. I view my work as a community herbalist, bringing my passions for plant medicine as a knowledge & art to be shared with others, especially for issues of health care accessibility & it’s connection to oppressed peoples & the planet.
Rosehips & Rose Petals

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