Community Supported Apothecary

Community Supported Apothecary

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What is Community Supported Apothecary?

Wake Robin Botanicals’ birth was centered around providing a local herbal CSA in 2011. Much like Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), Community Supported Apothecary (CSA) works in a similar way. Instead of a box of veges, members receive a box of herbal remedies along with information of how to use them.

Herbal Share – Our herbal share is distributed over the growing season, June – October.  This share includes 5 different products each month:  1 oz. tincture, 2 oz. oil or salve, 1.5 oz. herbal tea & 2 seasonal products each month such as flower essences, oxymels, herbal syrups, bath scrubs, etc.

Herbal CSA – $320

Herbal CSA

Seasonal Tea Share – We offer two different tea shares throughout the year. One for spring & summer and another for fall & winter. Each share includes six 3 oz. bags of herbal tea. Please see tea section for samples of what you would be getting.

Warm months Tea share – $95

Cold months Tea share – $95

That’s 30% off!

Herbal Tea Share

Time to get the tea cups out!

All CSH members enjoy 10% off all other products throughout the year.

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