Current Seasonal Boxes & Products

  • Current Seasonal Boxes & Products

Rose Water


Rose Water

Rose Water is divine. Soothing & gently astringent. Used to gently mist face & body.

Rose Water, 2 oz. – $14~




Stay Well Get Well basket

Stay Well, Get Well:  Deluxe Immune Support Box

Help support your immune system this season with wonderful forest & garden herbs.

*Elderberry Ginger elixir, 1 oz.
*Elderberry Sacred Basil elixir, 1 oz.
*Mushroom Boosting tincture, 1 oz.
*Winter Wellness tea, 3 oz.
*Fly Away Fluuu tea, 3 oz. 


Bay & Rose Burning bundles

Bay & Rose Herbal Burning Bundle

Bay is traditionally used for protection & strength. I also feel it has divination qualities, especially when the space is created. This bay & rose are both harvested from the seaside on a sunny & windy day. Lay with a bed of beach stones or use for burning. These bundles carry the powers of ocean waves & rocks that turn into sand.



Don't Bug Me Spray, 3 oz.

Don’t Bug Me Spray: Keeping those bugs away in earthy style

Don’t Bug Me Spray comes in a 2.5 oz aluminum spray bottle. It is a blend of summery & earthy essential oils & herbs, gently wakening the senses & protecting you from bugs & ticks. (Ingredients: Witch hazel, Distilled water, Catnip, Palmarosa e.o., Lemongrass e.o., Cedarwood e.o., Sweet marjarom e.o., Basil e.o., Rosemary e.o., yarrow flowers, olive oil, vegetable glycerin, grain alcohol, Yarrow & Garlic flower essences)

2.5 oz  ~ $15

Bug & Tick Be Gone Balm, travel size


Bug & Tick Be Gone Balm: Travel size

Bug & Tick Be Gone Balm is a small travel size balm that helps keep both bugs & ticks away during these warm months. (Ingredients: Fresh yarrow infused in olive oil, beeswax, geranium, citronella & cinnamon essential oils.)


/.35 oz. ~ $10 

Rosehip Raw Honey Chewables


~ Rosehip Raw Honey Chewables ~

Ingredients: Ground rosehips, Raw VT Honey pollinated with aster & goldenrod flowers.

100 count – $12  Currently Out of Stock



Fabulousness To Go

Fabulousness To Go: Helping our real fabulous nature shine through

Dandelioness Herbals and Wake Robin Botanicals collaboration!

Brilliant Lip Shimmer: fabulous herbal gloss for a natural shimmer & tint

Ingredients: hand-harvested Calendula, Alkanet root, Fair-trade Palestinian Olive oil and Coconut oil, fair-trade Cocoa butter, VT Beeswax, Mica, and Sweet Orange essential oil.

Fancy Glitter Crème: invokes the magical energy of rainbows, mermaids, hippocamps, & griffins.                   Ingredients: Sesame seed oil, Coconut oil, Rosewater, Aloe Vera, Beeswax, Geranium and Lemon Essential oils, and Golden Glitter

Fabulous Transformation Flower Essence, supporting the phoenix in each of us carries within.

Ingredients: Golden Birch, Gaywings, Peach, Dandelion, Trout Lily, Missouri Evening Primrose, Purple Flowering Raspberry and Wild Oats solarly infused in Spring Water, Brandy (less than 20%).

Fabulousness In A Bottle: flowers unicorns rainbows and kitten magic

Ingredients: Lemon Balm leaf and flower, Dandelion blossom, Tulsi leaf and flower, Red Clover blossom (all herbs fresh and grown in Vermont), Brandy, VT Honey and Alchemilla dew drops

Kit contains .15oz Brilliant Lip Shimmer, 1oz Fancy Glitter Crème, .5oz Fabulous Transformation Flower Essence, 1oz Fabulousness In A Bottle Elixir, and info sheet about each remedy, all contained within a reusable rainbow and confetti metal bucket. This limited edition collaboration makes a wonderful gift for friends or yourself! We are happy to include a hand-written note.

Fabulousness To Go ~ $32  Currently Out of Stock

Activist Support Kit

Activist Self-Care Kit: Supporting Change Makers for the Long Haul

Dandelioness Herbals, Wake Robin Botanicals & Mandala Botanicals have teamed up to offer the following 3 herbals:


Prize-winning Speak Truth! Throat Spray is made with gratitude in honor of whistle blowers and truth tellers, past, present, and future! This remedy was formulated during the people’s uprising in Egypt, using Egyptian Licorice root and a blend of herbs from my garden – hand-harvested Sage and Oregano leaf, Thyme and Hyssop leaf and flower, all grown in Vermont and infused together in Brandy, and then blended with a Licorice root syrup made with local VT Honey.


Peaceful protection. Sacred basil helps nourish mind & body through the changes of life and times of stress. It gives a pause from it all, a time to reflect and enter life again with vigor. A herb to keep by your side, helping to support the sustainability of the important work we do. Tasty with a bit spice. Ingredients: Fresh Sacred Basil, Vegetable Glycerin & Spring water


This first aid, antibacterial herbal salve is a medicated skin ointment made from a combination of plants hand gathered in Palestine, Jerusalem, and Barre, Vermont, in solidarity with all people and plants that find brilliant ways of thriving in difficult circumstances. Power from the plants, power from the people’s medicine – to you! Ingredients: Organic Olive oil, Vermont (VT) Butterworks Farm Sunflower oil, Palestinian Sage, Olive leaves from Jerusalem, organic VT Goldenseal roots, Highgate Community Garden Comfrey and Calendula flowers, VT Beeswax, and Eucalyptus essential oil.

Kit contains 1oz Speak Truth! Throat Spray, 1oz Tulsi Elixir, .15oz Solidarity Tube, and info sheet about each remedy. This limited edition collaboration makes a wonderful gift. We are happy to include a hand-written note.

Activist Support Kit ~ $24   Currently Out of Stock

Green Tech Support Kit

Green Tech: Herbal Support Kit for Students, Activists/Organizers, & Writers

Dandelioness Herbals and Wake Robin Botanicals collaboration.

Many of us feel the demands of long hours using technologies that can be draining or wearing on our bodies, both physically and energetically. This herbal collaboration between Dandelioness Herbals and Wake Robin Botanicals supplies remedies for the areas where we commonly experience this wear and tear most – supporting frazzled nerves, collecting scattered thoughts, relaxing aching muscles and ligaments, and soothing over-computered eyes. These remedies support us to not only function, but to thrive while we meet demands and deadlines feeling focused and collected.

Sharp Thoughts Herbal Tea: for clear, collected, and critical thinking

Ingredients: Lemon Balm, Oatstraw, Gingko, Sacred Basil & Rosemary.

Stay Ready! nourishing elixir for thoughtful clarity

Ingredients: Fresh Milky Oat tops, Fresh Tulsi leaf and flower, Fresh Lemon Balm leaf and flower, Fresh Gotu Kola leaf, Sage leaf, Fresh Rosemary leaf (all herbs hand-harvested in Vermont), Brandy, Water, Organic Grain Alcohol, Local Honey, and homemade flower essences of Yarrow, Furze/Gorse & Solidago.

Ache Relief Salve: for inflammation, muscle aches, and deep tissue pain

Ingredients: Cottonwood buds, Wintergreen, Goldenrod, Tag alder & Meadowsweet solarly infused in Olive oil (all herbs hand-harvested in Massachusetts), Local Beeswax, Clove, Rosemary, Ginger & Marjoram essential oils.

Calendula Violet Eye Serum: Anti anti-aging oil to soothe dry, irritated, tired & over-computered eyes

Ingredients: Hand-harvested Violet leaf, Hand-harvested Calendula blossoms, Rose petals, Jojoba Oil, and Rosehip seed oil.

Kit contains 2 oz Sharp Thoughts Herbal Tea, 1oz Stay Ready! Elixir, 2oz Ache Relief Salve, .5oz Calendula Violet Eye Serum, and info sheet about each remedy, all contained within a reusable green plastic storage bin. This limited edition collaboration makes a wonderful gift for friends, family, co-workers, your favorite IT wizard, or yourself! We are happy to include a hand-written note.

Green Tech Support Kit ~ $42 Currently Out of Stock

A Dream Pair

A Complementary Dream Pair: Soothing Dreams

Dandelioness Herbals and Wake Robin Botanicals have paired up to offer two herbals to help soothe and lull you into dreamland. Mugwort Elixir and Dream Balm sit in a bed of lavender flowers ready to bring those dreams to you.

Mugwort Elixir helps to invoke vivid dreams & lucid dreaming, and connect with the Moon. And it’s super delicious! Dream Balm is a soothing salve, helping tension to slip away, gently bringing us to the realm of sleep & dreams.

Contains Mugwort Elixir, 1 oz. Dream Balm, 2 oz. & comes in a compostable cello bag!

Complimentary Dream Pair ~ $22