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Rose Water


Rose Water

Rose Water is divine. Harvested from seaside roses, it carries not only external healing properties, but is uplifting and comforting to the heart. A support in navigating trauma and healing of emotional wounds. Soothing & gently astringent. Used to gently mist face & body.

Rose Water, 2 oz. – $18~





Stay Well Get Well basket

Stay Well, Get Well:  Deluxe Immune Support Box

Help support your immune system this season with wonderful forest & garden herbs.

*Elderberry Ginger elixir, 1 oz.
*Elderberry Sacred Basil elixir, 1 oz.
*Mushroom Boosting tincture, 1 oz.
*Winter Wellness tea, 3 oz.
*Fly Away Fluuu tea, 3 oz. 


Bay & Rose Burning bundles

Bay & Rose Herbal Burning Bundle

Bay is traditionally used for protection & strength. I also feel it has divination qualities, especially when the space is created. This bay & rose are both harvested from the seaside on a sunny & windy day. Lay with a bed of beach stones or use for burning. These bundles carry the powers of ocean waves & rocks that turn into sand.

$12 Currently Out of Stock


Don't Bug Me Spray, 3 oz.

Don’t Bug Me Spray: Keeping those bugs away in earthy style

Don’t Bug Me Spray comes in a 2.5 oz aluminum spray bottle. It is a blend of summery & earthy essential oils & herbs, gently wakening the senses & protecting you from bugs & ticks. (Ingredients: Witch hazel, Distilled water, Catnip, Palmarosa e.o., Lemongrass e.o., Cedarwood e.o., Sweet marjarom e.o., Basil e.o., Rosemary e.o., yarrow flowers, olive oil, vegetable glycerin, grain alcohol, Yarrow & Garlic flower essences)

2.5 oz  ~ $16

Bug & Tick Be Gone Balm, travel size


Bug & Tick Be Gone Balm: Travel size

Bug & Tick Be Gone Balm is a small travel size balm that helps keep both bugs & ticks away during these warm months. (Ingredients: Fresh yarrow infused in olive oil, beeswax, geranium, citronella & cinnamon essential oils.)


/.35 oz. ~ $10  Currently Out of Stock

Rosehip Raw Honey Chewables


~ Rosehip Raw Honey Chewables ~

Ingredients: Ground rosehips, Raw VT Honey pollinated with aster & goldenrod flowers.

100 count – $12  Currently Out of Stock