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White Peony Flower Essence       ~ White Peony Flower Essence ~

White peony flower essence holds a balance between strength & fragility and the recognition of this relationship. Showing patience and visions of love & beauty in fleeting moments. It gives insight to our umbilical connection with ourselves, coming back to a place of birth & giving connection to sensuality with oneself expanding out.

Ingredients: 3 White Peony Mother essences combined into a stock bottle. First infused under the new moon. The second infused the night of the summer solstice. And the third, was infused under the crescent moon in the rain. Infused in spring water & organic cane alcohol (less than 20%)

White Peony 1/2 oz. ~ $10

Reishi Mushroom Essence

~ Reishi Mushroom Essence ~

Reishi mushroom essence reminds us of the ancient. Of an interconnectedness and the ability to hear the voices that create the forest. Helping one to pause & listen to wisdom of the deep woods that will help carry us together into collective healing.

Ingredients: An essence made in an old growth forest over 3 days balanced upon a Reishi surrounded by others on a fallen Eastern Hemlock tree next to a quiet stream.
Infused in spring water & organic cane alcohol (less than 20%)

Reishi 1/2 oz. ~ $10

Catalpa Flower Essence

    ~ Catalpa Flower Essence ~

Catalpa flower essence offers flexibility in a sense of seeing one’s reality & possible ways of going about the task at hand. It helps to give pause & lift worry from the mind & shoulders, giving a sense of flying in order to lift one up and give hope. Its essence gently reminds us of adaptability and its correlation to how we choose our paths, tactics & viewpoints.

Ingredients:  Fragrant Catalpa flowers from beside the Connecticut River, Solarly infused in spring water, organic cane alcohol (less than 20%)

Catalpa 1/2 oz. ~ $10

White Pond Lily Flower Essence~ White Pond Lily Flower Essence ~

White Pond Lily flower essence is a dive deep into a cold lake. Feel the waters envelope one’s being, while renewing both mind, body & spirit. This essence is highly transformative, often accompanying those who shape-shift or camouflage. It helps us give way to deep meditation & broad vision. It’s flower, aware of when to open & close, keeps a strong umbilical tie to its deeper depths & tap root, giving the ability to remain connected while blossoming radiantly.

Ingredients:  White Pond Lily flower from a Vermont mountain lake from by the waters edge, a loon diving in the distance, solarly & lunarly infused in spring water, organic cane alcohol (less than 20%)

White Pond Lily 1/2 oz. ~ $10

Fabulous Transformation essence

~ Fabulous Transformation Flower Essence ~


Supporting & nourishing flower essences that

help bring forth our fabulous being.


Ingredients: Golden Birch, Gaywings, Peach, Dandelion, Trout Lily, Missouri Evening Primrose, Purple Flowering Raspberry & Wild Oats solarly infused in spring water, organic cane alcohol (less than 20%)

Fabulous Transformation 1/2 oz. ~ $10


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