• Testimonials

~ Thank you for all the lovely feedback! ~


“Beautiful Blues is the prettiest tea I have ever seen! Exquisite.” -NH

“Yesterday, I tried out your Lemon Thyme Raw Honey in a sourdough bread with corn meal, and it was a delightful experience, not least because I got to lick the honey spoon!  Delicious.  The resulting loaf was very special.  I’m all agog for the rose honey, for which I’m already planning a challah with tender whole wheat pastry flour and lemon zest.  Your herbal salve, lip balm, and lemon-elderflower soap are a pleasure to use as well.  Well done!” -CC

“I gotta testify! Wake Robin Botanicals Luscious Lemon Cream is amazing! It’s so rich and nourishing, yet absorbs right into the skin. Light enough for the face, rich enough for dry hands. The scent is so uplifting and super fresh, too! Love it! ” -DW

“Peach Blossom Elixir is AMAZING!!! Thank you for all the goodies!” -AH

“Dang! Your chaga-roasted dandelion-vanilla brew is amazing! I’ve been drinking/infusing/re-simmering it and it’s so delicious!! Hey y’all, have you heard, Dandyblend’s got nuthin on Wake Robin Botanicals’s Vanilla Splash Herbal Coffee!!!! En serio.” -DW

Regarding our Vanilla Herbal Coffee: “So rich and nourishing. And it’s like drinking the milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl.” -JD

“I am loving the St. Johns Wort oil and luscious lemon cream. My skin is glowing!” -GB

Regarding products someone gifted from Wake Robin:

“Oh am I loving your gifts! Wake Robin’s botanicals are fabulous.” -GD

 “I certainly enjoyed it. I love how the tea is packaged.” -PB

“I’ve been walking in the woods at dusk, which are filled with the humming of mosquitoes. Accompanied by your Don’t Bug Me Spray (not oily feeling and wonderful smelling…) the mosquitoes went their way and I went mine.” -JM


“The salve already seems to be helping a lot. And I love the Winter Wellness tea! So glad I found your table at the fair.” -CCD

“Love my California Poppy. Thanks so much.” -MG

“Embarrassing as it is to say, There is A Fungus Among Us salve really works!” -Anonymous

“Your lovely package of treats has just arrived.  I can’t wait to take my next shower! The lip gloss, surely the tastiest in existence, I lost no time in putting on. I’ll knock ‘em dead at the all-Bach Christmas concert I’m going to tonight.” -CC

Says the child trying some Lemon Cream:  “This smells like lemon pudding!”

“Many thanks for the tea. You have made my day. What a gift you have!!!” -KS
“Finally used my baby’s bath herbs and they are amazing! Smelled so good, so calming for mood and baby skin. My little one is only about 6 weeks old and we live in such a dry climate that a gentle, soapless bath was just what the herbalist ordered! Love love!” -LC
“Thanks for the amazing tea. I love the Fireside.” -NK