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~  Fancy & magical elixirs, glycerites & tinctures.  ~

Spring Cleaning elixir photo~ Spring Cleaning Elixir ~

Nourishing & cleansing spring tonic

Spring Cleaning Elixir is a yummy blend of detoxifying and nourishing tonic herbs. A wonderful support blend to help support our spring bodies & remove winter congestion.

Ingredients: Yellow Birch twigs, Burdock root, Dandelion root, Yellow Dock leaves, Rosehips, Brandy, Organic Grapeseed/Cane Alcohol, Maple Sap, Goldenrod pollinated Raw Honey, Burdock & Dandelion flower essences

~ Spring Cleaning 2 oz. ~ $22.50

~Everpresent Elixir~Everpresent Elixir

In the light of the returning sun, mountaintop harvested fresh White Pine needles, new moon night riverside harvested Eastern Hemlock needles, New Moon night river essence, VT raw honey pollinated with linden, black locust & honeysuckle, Spring water, Brandy, simmered on the woodstove & steeped for two lunar cycles.

On the new moon in deep winter, we gathered White Pine needles in the strong afternoon sun. At night as the decocotion of the Pine simmered in fresh spring water on the woodstove, we went to the river, the path illuminated by a Mullein stalk torch, accompanied by my dear black cat, to make a new moon river essence. We gathered fresh Eastern Hemlock from beside the river to add to the simmering brew. In the morning we added special local Honey and let the elixir infuse for two complete lunar cycles.

Holding the deep grounding of tree medicine that simultaneously reaches high into air with grace and flexibility. With the rooted flexibility and constant protective presence of evergreens and the constant ever-changing flow of water, we made this remedy in deep winter to support us and connect us to ancient cycles of water, stones, trees and breath.

Ingredients: fresh White Pine needles, fresh Eastern Hemlock needles, New Moon night river essence, raw Honey, Spring water, Brandy

~ Everpresent elixir 2 oz. ~ $20

Restorative Moons Elixir ~

Restorative Moons ElixirRestorative Moons is a deeply nourishing elixir. It helps one to pause while receiving clarity + focus to what is sustaining + strengthening. Through this, old patterns have an opportunity to transform, while simultaneously holding one in safety to do such work. This inner space helps one to remain connected to individual love & healing that then expands into our collective liberation.
Made with intention during the first lunar cycle of summer, Restorative Moons Elixir holds the ability for deep healing from within while recognizing the beauty + power that the lunar cycles can bestow on us & the plants.
Ingredients: Milky oats harvested on a sunny afternoon before a thunderstorm before the full moon infused + combined as a syrup with linden, honeysuckle + black locust pollinated raw honey, Rosa rugosas collected on a sunny afternoon before a thunderstorm before the new moon + combined as a syrup with linden, honeysuckle + black locust pollinated raw honey, new moon, solstice + crescent moon White peony flower essence, Alchemilla/Lady’s Mantle dew drops, Crone full moon quartz blessings from a gorgeous quartz found in a river, org. cane alcohol, spring water + brandy.

***Each ingredient has a story and was infused with much love and intention. Here is the story of how we weaved these ingredients together:***

The Milky Oat Tops were harvested on a sunny afternoon before a thunderstorm, infused by the moon that night and made into a syrup with raw Honey. Rosa rugosas were collected on the sunny afternoon just before another storm, and also infused by moon light and made into a syrup with raw Honey. These sweet nourishing syrups were then combined with White Peony flower essence and Alchemilla/Lady’s Mantle dew drops.

The White Peony flower essence is actually three {a sacred number} essences combined into one stock bottle. First infused under the new moon, the second infused the night of the summer solstice, and the third infused under the crescent moon in the rain. White Peony essence holds a balance between strength + fragility and the recognition of this relationship. Showing patience and visions of love + beauty in fleeting moments. It gives insight to our umbilical connection with ourselves, coming back to a place of birth and giving connection to sensuality with oneself expanding out.

Alchemilla {aka Lady’s Mantle} dew drops are gathered throughout the growing season, preserving the jewel-like glistening water droplets from the soft folds of the unfurling edges and fully opened leaves. These dew drops carry the energy of deep magical transformation.

Once combined, the elixir was blessed with crone full moon light and the presence a gorgeous quartz crystal found in a river {The crone full moon is the moon the night after the full moon}.

Restorative Moons elixir, 1 oz. $12

A glycerite made from the shining orange summer flowers of California Poppy. A soothing herb for those who tend to worry or carry a lot on their minds. Also, used for treating pain.

Ingredients: California poppy flowers, Organic Vegetable glycerin & Spring water 

~California Poppy glycerite 1 oz. $12~   Currently Out of Stock

Chamomile glyceriteChamomile







A glycerite of vibrant late spring chamomile flowers. Calming to both the nervous & digestive systems.

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, Organic Vegetable glycerin & Spring water

~Chamomile Flower glycerite 1 oz. $12~


Cranberry GlyceriteCranberry

This glycerite is made from wild cranberries harvested amongst the Princess pine in the fall. We wait until after a frost to harvest them, when they are ripe and juicy.

Cranberries are a tart & nutritious fruit. They contain Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, as well as Vitamin A & E. Improves bladder, stomach & liver health.

Ingredients: Wild Cranberries, Vegetable glycerin & Spring water

~ Cranberry Glycerite 1 oz. $12 ~    Currently Out of Stock


eastern hemlock eastern hemlock

An elixir made from the tips of the great ancient eastern hemlocks that grow by a stream. This elixir is very grounding and is great to be used for those needing immune care and other deep rooting.Ingredients: Fresh Eastern Hemlock tips, Raw VT honey, Org. Cane Alcohol, Spring water & Eastern Hemlock flower essence

~ Eastern Hemlock Elixir 1 oz. $12 ~

Elderberry Ginger Elixir


An elixir made from wildcrafted elderberries by a mountain lake, fresh garden sacred basil & raw honey (pollinated with black locust, american basswood & honeysuckle.)

Elderberries are a wonderful folk remedy to have on hand, a powerful anti-viral & anti-microbial. Elderberry is most often used to prevent or treat flu and other colds, though it’s benefits don’t stop there. Ginger is warming carminative herb that helps circulation, is anti-inflammatory & anti-viral.

Ingredients: Fresh Elderberries, Fresh Ginger, Raw VT Honey, Org. Cane Alcohol & Spring water

~ Elderberry Ginger Elixir 1 oz. $12 ~ 

Elderberry Sacred Basil Elixir        Elderberries

An elixir made from wildcrafted elderberries by a mountain lake, fresh garden sacred basil & raw honey (pollinated with black locust, american basswood & honeysuckle.)

Elderberries are a wonderful folk remedy to have on hand, a powerful anti-viral & anti-microbial. Elderberry is most often used to prevent or treat flu and other colds, though it’s benefits don’t stop there.

Sacred Basil is a very versatile herb with a pungent spicy taste. An adaptogen & anti-viral. A nervine, sacred basil helps soothe stressed nerves, but also give strength & energy to those who feel depleted.

Ingredients: Fresh Elderberries, Fresh Sacred Basil, Raw VT Honey, Org. Cane Alcohol & Spring water

~ Elderberry Sacred Basil Elixir 1 oz. $12 ~


A soothing & toning elixir for the heart.

A scrumptious tonic of rose petals harvested in the sandy dunes of the seaside, hawthornes from the mountainside, borage flowers & motherwort from the garden, Johnny Jump Ups (heartsease flowers) hidden in the shade and hawthorne flower essence made on a sunny spring day.

Ingredients: Beach Rose petals, Hawthorne berries, Hawthorne leaf & flowers, Heartsease flowers, Borage flowers, Motherwort, Vegetable glycerin, Org. Grain Alcohol, Spring water & Hawthorne flower essence

Heart Elixir


A versatile herb with a sweet lemony taste. An herb for heart & soul.

Used for mild depression, headaches, soothing anxiety. Anti-viral.

Ingredients: Lemon Balm, Glycerin & Spring water

~ Lemon Balm Glycerite 1 oz. $12 ~  



Rose Elixir is one of the most soothing & nourishing elixirs. Deeply healing for sadness, trauma or depression. A gentle love tonic (for self & others) tonic. For comfort. & toning the heart. A great herbal for pregnancy & postpartum care.

Wake Robin’s rose elixir is made from petals from Rosa rugosa bushes that grow along the dunes near Cape Cod. The magic of rose & ocean in a small bottle.

Ingredients: Beach Rose Petals,  Beach Rose flower essence, Raw VT Honey, Spring water & organic Cane Alcohol

“I took 3 drops of Rose Elixir & dreamed of roses all night long.”

~ Rose Petal Elixir 1 oz. $12 ~   


sacredbasilelixir     sacredbasil

Peaceful protection. All in one sort of herb. Soothing, adaptogen, immune stimulator. An herb to keep by your side. It helps one to take a pause from it all, to reflect and enter life again with vigor.

Tasty with a bit spice. Harvested on the full moon.

~ Sacred Basil Elixir  1 oz. $12 ~


Milky Oats Syrup

~ Milky Oats Syrup ~

Freshly harvested milky oats to sustain and nourish the nervous system.

Ingredients: Fresh milky oats harvested with laughter, Spring water, Raw VT honey & Full Moon Milky Oats tincture in organic cane alcohol



4 oz syrup – $16

Blueberry Tulsi Oats Syrup

~Blueberry Tulsi & Oats Syrup ~


All freshly harvested in the peak of summer. Fresh blueberries, flowering tulsi & milky oats.


Ingredients: Freshly harvested blueberries, flowering tulsi & milky oats, Spring water, Raw VT honey & Blue Moon tulsi tincture in organic cane alcohol

4 oz syrup – $16

Elixir Set of Six

A collection of spring, summer & fall flavors.

Six 1 oz. bottles of Wake Robin’s elixirs & glycerites. This seasonal set contains six elixirs & glycerites of your choice.

A great collection for nervous system support & overall immune health. A great gift as well.

Six 1 oz. bottles – $60 

Please email if there is a specific tincture desired:

Elixirs: Anise Hyssop lf/fl, Balsam Fir, Elderberry, Elderflower, Honeysuckle fl, White Pine, Yarrow

also… Pomegrante, Burdock rt, Rosemary & Lemon elixir

Tinctures: Angelica, Astragalus, Bee Balm, Birch Polypore, Blue Vervain, Boneset, Borage, Burdock rt, Calendula, California poppy, Cardamon, Cat’s claw, Catnip (lemony), Chamomile fl, Chickweed, Cleavers, Clementine peel, Cordyceps, Cornsilk, Crampbark, Daisy fl (oxeye), Dandelion fl, Dandelion lf, Dandelion stem, Dandelion rt, Echinacea lf/fl, Elderberry, Elderflower, Everning Primrose lf/fl, Evening Primrose rt,  Feverfew, Goldenrod, Hawthorne lf/fl, Hawthorne berries, Horsetail, Heartease, Hops, Horehound, Japanese Knotweed rt, Juniper berries, Jujube date, Lady’s Mantle, Lemon Balm, Lemon Basil, Lemongrass, Linden, Licorice, Meadowsweet fl, Marshmallow lf, Motherwort, Muskmallow fl, Mugwort, Nettles, Milky Oats, Peach lf, Pearly Everlasting fl, Peppermint, Pineapple weed, Plaintain lf, Red Clover, Rasperberry lf, Reishi, Rose (rugosa), Rosemary, Sacred Basil (tulsi), Schisandra berry, Seal Heal, Solomon’s Seal rt, Spikenard rt, St. John’s Wort fl, Tag Alder, Thyme lf/fl, Turmeric rt, Usnea, Uva Ursi, Valerian fl, Valerian rt, Violet lf/fl, Vitex berries, White Willow bark, Wild Lettuce, Wood Betony, Yarrow lf/fl, Yellow dock lf, Yellow dock rt

*1 oz. $12, 2 oz. $22, 4 oz. $40

*All tinctures are made with fresh plants grown without chemicals & organic cane alcohol.


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