• Current Seasonal Boxes & Products

    Current Seasonal Boxes & Products

      Rose Water Rose Water is divine. Soothing & gently astringent. Used to gently mist face & body. Rose Water, 2 oz. – $14~       Stay Well, Get Well:  Deluxe Immune Support Box Help support your immune system this season with wonderful forest & garden herbs. *Elderberry Ginger elixir, 1 oz. *Elderberry Sacred Basil elixir, 1 oz. *Mushroom Boosting tincture, […]

  • Elixirs, Glycerites & Tinctures

    Elixirs, Glycerites & Tinctures

    Tinctures, Elixirs & Glycerites ~  Fancy & magical elixirs, glycerites & tinctures.  ~ ~ Spring Cleaning Elixir ~ Nourishing & cleansing spring tonic Spring Cleaning Elixir is a yummy blend of detoxifying and nourishing tonic herbs. A wonderful support blend to help support our spring bodies & remove winter congestion. Ingredients: Yellow Birch twigs, Burdock root, Dandelion root, Yellow Dock […]

  • Salves, Creams, Oils, & Lip Balms

    Salves, Creams, Oils, & Lip Balms

    Wake Robin Botanicals has a variety of topical medicines to offer made from fresh seasonal herbs.   ~ Healing Salve ~ A gentle blend of herbs creating a overall healing salve. Good for cuts, scrapes, burns, bug bites & rashes.  Ingredients: Calendula, yarrow, violet, plantain, meadowsweet, self heal & red clover in a solar infusion of olive oil, beeswax, lavender […]

  • Flower Essences

    Flower Essences

           ~ White Peony Flower Essence ~ White peony flower essence holds a balance between strength & fragility and the recognition of this relationship. Showing patience and visions of love & beauty in fleeting moments. It gives insight to our umbilical connection with ourselves, coming back to a place of birth & giving connection to sensuality with oneself expanding […]

  • Infused Honeys & Vinegars

    Infused Honeys & Vinegars

    Infused Honeys & Vinegars ~A Divine Solstice Oxymel ~ A Divine Solstice Oxymel is a delcious blend of local organic apple cider vinegar & raw honey infused with fruits & herbs on the summer solstice. Ingredients: Strawberries, Self heal flowers, Linden flowers & leaf, Elderflowers and pineappleweed infused in organic Vermont Apple Cider Vinegar & Raw Vermont Honey (pollinated with […]

  • Teas


     Teas Hand harvested herbal tea blends for many an occasion. Loose tea – 3 oz. – $18 * The tea prices reflect the individuality of each blend & the effort it takes to collect & dry the herbs. From rose petal harvest in the sandy dunes, pine needles from the pine grove on the mountaintop to harvesting oats in the […]

  • Companion Care

    Companion Care

    Companion Care Just as we need wholesome diets so do our companions. We are proud to offer teatime for cats & dogs! As simple as brewing a cup of tea. Herbal Supplements for Dogs 3 oz. – $15                                             […]

  • Testimonials


    ~ Thank you for all the lovely feedback! ~ “Beautiful Blues is the prettiest tea I have ever seen! Exquisite.” -NH “Yesterday, I tried out your Lemon Thyme Raw Honey in a sourdough bread with corn meal, and it was a delightful experience, not least because I got to lick the honey spoon!  Delicious.  The resulting loaf was very special.  I’m all […]